Power Mapping f. BMW x40i (B58 Engine)


Position-Nr. BM.B58.B.5.20
Title Power Mapping for BMW x40i with B58 Engine
Your Advantages
  • Power & torque increase, processed from a professional
  • Better drift behavior because of smooth torque curve
  • Deactivation of speed limitation at 250km/h, 156mph
  • Exhaust burble always available
  • Operating conditions such as maximum speed highway driving and altitude driving remain possible (ECU continues to limit operating states at borderline)
Available for model, modelyear Show vehicle types
  • BMW M140i (F20, F21), MJ 2016-, DME8.6.1 ECU
  • BMW M240i (F22, F23), MJ 2016-, DME8.6.1 ECU
  • BMW 340i (F30, F31, F34), MJ 2016-, DME8.6.1 ECU
  • BMW 440i (F32, F33, F36), MJ 2016-, DME8.6.1 ECU

Programming to be done at our garage

Price (DE/EU 19% VAT) 499€
Price (nonEU 0% VAT) 419,33€

Detailed descriptions

Engine performance (B58)

  • Optimized torque curve for stock exhaust system (without bending the torque manager - just own development by the professional and not cheap copy paste)
  • Wastegate + boost pressure control optimized for a harmonious ride and responsiveness
  • No torque limit for automatic transmission (but consideration of mechanical limits, therefore no clutch slipping)
  • Performance increase to ~ 425hp
  • Torque increase to ~ 630Nm


Sports ads (B58)

  • adapted scaling to show increased power and torque
  • Representation of actual values, not target values

Speed limiter

  • Disabling of speed limitation at 250km/h or 156mph

Exhaust burble (B58)

  • Prolonged exhaust burble to max. 5 seconds
  • Exhaust burble in "normal" operating conditions always available (no longer felt random)
  • Exhaust burble active in driving modes: Traction, DSC off, Sport, Sport +