Order processing

Please find a short description of our order processing below. For sure, this process can be adapted in individual cases (e.g. you don't have to take care of ECU de- and mounting while you get an On-site support).

What you have to do, what we do for you?

  • 1.

    Your preperation

    Removal & delivery of hardware¹ Option: data recording & rider report²
  • 2.

    Our service

    Backup of original data Analysis of data recording & rider reports² Analysis of ECU-Data Reprogramming of ECU Functionality test
  • 3.

    Your post processing

    Installation & test Feedback (voluntary)

1. Detailed information will be provided with commercial offer (normally only ECU), for disassembly instructions please visit our Tech Corner

2. Only necessary if rider specific modifications are requested

Lead times

Shipment: For the processing of your order we need normally max. 3 working days. In addition 2 times shipment. An express delivery is possible for extra charge. From January to May, there are seasonal peak times during which we sometimes require more than 3 working days for processing.

On-site appointment: The processing time is of course dependent on the order. 90% of the orders can be processed within less than 4 hours. If arrival and departure on the same day are not possible, we are happy to advise you on the search for the right accommodation.

Wir arbeiten mit DHL (Deutsche Post) für Pakete innerhalb EU und DHL Express für nonEU Pakete zusammen.

Für den Versand an uns aus nonEU empfehlen wir ebenfalls bei Express Dienstleistern zu buchen. Gute Angebote kann man bei Händlern wie transglobalexpress.de erhalten.

Business holidays 2019/2020

We are on holidays during following dates. Orders received in this time, will be processed after we are back in business.

  • 08.06.2020 - 21.06.2020
  • 24.08.2020 - 08.09.2020

Payment terms

You have to trust us - and of course we have to trust you, too. With us you pay within 10 days after invoice receipt. The invoice will be sent to you not before completion of your order. So you have time to convince yourself of the functionality of our services before you have to pay.

We prefer bank transfer or transferwise.com for payment.