Power Mapping for BMW F800


Position-Nr. BM.F8.B.5.23S (Stock exhaust system)
Title Power Mapping V2023 for BMW F800
Your Advantages
  • More driving dynamics for even more "driving pleasure"
  • Optimized throttle response and shift times
  • Sporty sound through activation of exhaust burble
Available for model, modelyear Show vehicle types
  • BMW F800 GS (K72), MJ 2017-18, BMS-M ECU
  • none
Price (DE/EU 19% VAT) 539€ (270€ for Update from older Power Mapping)
Price (nonEU 0% VAT) 452,94€ (226,89€ for Update from older Power Mapping)

Detailed description

Injection & Ignition (F800)

  • Optimized torque curve in part and full load
  • Power increase up to 2HP possible (depending on bike hardware)
  • Torque increase up to 2Nm possible (depending on bike hardware)

Dyno diagram example (values measured on wheel) with stock exhaust: BMW F800R 2017

Engine speed limiter

Improved in V2024!

  • Programming a soft start of limiter action by cylinder blank out
  • Reduced risk of bike nervousness while reaching limiter speed
  • Slight Increase of engine speed limit up to 400rpm, because "soft limiter" prevents from over-rev

e-Gas (F800)

  • Optimized throttle response for more dynamic rideability

Exhaust acoustics (F800)

  • Enabling of exhaust burble in all modes