Pit lane limiter & Launch Control | BMW Motorrad


As standard, both functions can only be used with RR models from 2015. Unlocked and optimized via RS²E Race Mapping as well as individually programmable (possible on all S1000 models). We are also able to make customized adjustments in programming.

Usage of Pit lane limiter

The pit limiter is activated by pressing and holding the start button while driving in 1st gear. The pit limiter is deactivated by releasing the start button.

Precondition: PLim is enabled through "Racetrack" Menu in Instrument Cluster (Models from 2015) or is enabled through RCK.

At BMW bikes this is unfortunately not adjustable via speed, but via the engine speed (RPM). In order to determine the RPM at the desired speed, we either recommend a calculation or 1x drive in the paddock and read engine speed at desired speed limit :-).

Approximated calculation formula for stock BMW S1000 gearboxes and standard racing tires (radius = 0.33m): PLimRev = DesiredSpeed * SprocketToothCount / PinionToothCount * 35.2

For the S1000 models from 2015, the desired RPM can also be set using the instrument combination in the "Racetrack" setup (see vehicle operating instructions). The adjustment via instrument cluster is deactivated as soon as RCK has been enabled on the ECU - then the adjustment is only possible via RCK (see picture).

Usage of Launch-Control

The launch control consists of a separate engine speed limit while the bike stands on grid and a wheel torque reduction above ground speed to avoid wheelies.

The Launch Control is activated by a 3 sec. press of Start button at standstill, with the engine running and with 1./2. gear (see video). Models before 2015 do not show L-con in instrument cluster, DTC check lamp illuminates once L-con is engaged. Thereafter, throttle can be twisted, the engine speed stops at the set RPM. The launch control is deactivated either by pressing the start button again for 3 sec., Ignition off, riding mode change, or during the race via shifting to 3rd gear or lean angle > 30°.

On the M/S1000 from 2019 (K6x), the launch control activates automatically after programming our Race Mapping PRO to make it even easier for the rider. Deactivation is done as described above. We have created a video for disassembly (see here).

There are no adjustment options via the instrument cluster, the stock engine speed limit is 9.000rpm, the speed threshold for the deactivation of the engine speed limit speed is set to 70 km/h. Within our Race Mappings the thresholds are 9.000rpm (K46) | 7.000rpm (K47, K49) | 7.500rpm (K6x) and 60km/h.

Adjustment with RCK

Pit lane limiter and Launch control can also be customized with the optional Race Calibration Kit (RCK). In order to use the RCK adjustments, the fields must be activated via the green check as shown in the RCK Pit Limiter or RCK Launch Control screens, and the data must be successfully transferred to the ECU via the "write data to the control unit" button. As soon as the green check is replaced by the red X in RCK and the data has been written to the ECU, the system works again with the ECU data (e.g. RS²E Race Mapping).