Didier Grams, IRRC Superbike Champion 2021

Congratulations to Didier Grams and his team on winning the 2021 International Road Racing Championship (IRRC) title. We are very pleased to have been able to help achieve this result with our electronics services. Furthermore we are already looking forward to next season, where we hopefully support Didier and his team again.

PS: The bike used was a BMW S1000RR 2020 with Race Mapping PRO V2021.

Customer feedback on power mapping for the F750GS

"The Power Mapping on my 750 GS is well done.

Noticeably more torque and also the 200km / h are now exceeded. (I have installed a 16 sprocket).

I was also very pleasantly surprised by the new shift assistant function. Finally smooth gear changes, especially in the middle and lower revs. Ideal when touring."

Otto M., Germany, BMW F750GS 2019

Development of mappings V2022 in final phase

For almost a year we have been busy with the development and testing of the numerous innovations and optimizations within our mappings for the 2022 season. For us, a huge effort that we have to do in addition to order processing and track support to offer our customers always new solutions and improvements. Actually we are in our final track test and hope that we can release numerous circumferences technically successful.

To get you in the mood, here is a video of our summer test rides with our Race Mapping PRO V2022beta and Marc Neumann #36 with his BMW M1000RR 2021. Both our already known CUT DTC and the newly developed functionality for the use of the split throttle can be heard there nicely. In addition we have added some data recording. We think it's great to be able to enjoy the sound and watch an IDM Superbike rider at work. We hope it's the same for you ...

New services for the BMW R nineT 2021+

BMW has introduced some technical innovations with the R nineT 2021 that offer significantly more options in the area of electronics. In addition to the riding modes and a DTC (special equipment riding modes PRO), the electric throttle system has also been incorporated.

After extensive development work, we have succeeded in optimising numerous functions - see Dynamic Mapping. In addition, we are very pleased to be able to offer a retrofit kit for Shift Assistant PRO exclusively for the R nineT from 2021.

Nils Meiners wins BMW S1000RR Cup and IBPM SBK 1000

After already very impressive results in the 2020 season, we are very happy to congratulate Nils Meiners to two championship titles this year. Nils won the German BMW S 1000RR Cup and the IBPM (International Bike Promotion Championship) with his 2012 S1000RR - converted to 2018 engine and electronics.

Feedback from Nils: "Thanks again for the great support before and during the season. The TC worked great and gave a lot of confidence. Especially in the rain it was totally easy to ride fast with it. I'm already looking forward to the 2022 season with you!"

We are proud that we could help with our electronic solutions and support to make this success possible. We are also looking forward to the 2022 season, in which we will certainly incorporate some improvements together with Nils.

Customer feedback on power mapping for the S1000R 2020

"After I have now ridden the first times with the engine control [Power Mapping] changed by you I must say that you have done a great job. The S1000r is not a different bike, but exactly the small shortcomings that bothered me are now almost 100% gone:
- Constant ride jerking: Previously it was almost impossible to roll around in 2nd or even 3rd gear in a 30 zone without violent rev swings. This behaviour has now almost disappeared.
- Assisted gearshift / Blipper: When driving on the road at low to medium speeds, especially the clutchless downshifting now works almost imperceptibly. At high revs (race track) it worked well before, now it's finally like I expected it from factory.
- Throttle response: Adjusting the throttle grip characteristics has given the bike a much more direct response, so it rides much more relaxed and feels like more power." ...

"The changes to the throttle grip characteristics have also been noticeable on the track, especially when accelerating out of slow corners. The automatic gearshift does its job almost imperceptibly here when shifting up and down, but that was OK at high revs like on the track before. Nevertheless, a further improvement is noticeable here too. Fascinating how much fun a street moped can be on the race track with the right modifications."

Thomas G., Germany, BMW S1000R 2020

Customer feedback on the Race Mapping PRO for the S1000RR 2019+

After a while without feedback posts, here is one again from a customer who received Race Mapping PRO R and shortened throttle grip from us.

"Hi!, I had a great day at Donington on my new, even better RR :-)
I spent the morning getting the settings dialed in, I managed to find a comfortable setting and I am really happy with my bike now. ... Anyway, thank you for the work you have done on my ECU, I am very pleased."

Mark B., Great Britan, BMW S1000RR 2020