95dB(A) idle noise reduction for BMW Motorrad


Position-Nr. BM.A.11.4
Title 95dB(A) stationary idle noise measures
Your Advantages
  • Road closures for motorcycles from 95 dB(A) stationary noise can be driven again
  • Examples: Hahntennjochstraße, Lechtalstraße, Tannheimerstrasse, ...
  • Driving behavior remains unchanged / no loss of power, torque or throttle response
  • Depending on demand, we are happy to expand the offer to other BMW Motorrad models
Available for model, modelyear Show vehicle types
  • BMW S1000XR (K49), MJ 2015-16, BMS-X ECU
  • BMW S1000XR (K49MÜ), 2017-19, BMS-MP ECU
  • Stock exhaust system or exhaust system approved by the manufacturer
  • Subsequent acceptance by test center and entry in vehicle documents
Price (DE/EU 19% VAT) 349€
Price (nonEU 0% VAT) 293,28€

Detailed description

Acoustics: stationary noise reduction

  • 100% closed exhaust flap in N
  • Reduction of stationary noise to 94dB(A)
  • Limitation of idle speed to 5,500 rpm (K47/K49)

Acoustics: sample report to stationary noise reduction

  • Sample report for acceptance by a test center (DEKRA, TÜV, ...) is also supplied
  • With confirmation by test center, entry in vehicle documents is made by registration authority