Activation of Race Calibration Kit 2 (RCK2)


Position-Nr. BM.S1.B.2.2 (BM.S1.B.4.+ in common with Race Mapping)
Title RCK2 for BMW S1000RR, HP4
Your Advantages
  • Activation of BMW HP Race Calibration Kit 2
  • Customizing of maps by user becomes possible
Available for model, modelyear Show vehicle types
  • BMW HP4 (K42), MJ 2012-14, BMS-KP ECU
  • BMW S1000RR (K46), MJ 2010-12, BMS-KP ECU
  • BMW S1000RR (K46MÜ), MJ 2012-14, BMS-KP ECU
  • RCK2-Software
  • Data-Interface
Price (DE/EU 19% VAT) 499€ (199€ in common with Race Mapping)
Price (nonEU 0% VAT) 419,33€ (167,23€ in common with Race Mapping)

Detailed description


  • Injection
  • Ignition
  • DTC (dynamic traction control)
  • L-CON* (launch control)
  • DDC* (dynamic damping control)
  • ABS*
  • quick shift
  • PIT rpm-limiter
  • read/delete ECU error-memory*
  • clear adaption values

*) Additional functions in RCK2 compared with RCK1. Interface is similar to RCK1, Software is different.

Attention: Full RCK functionality only possible in conjunction with Race Mapping analogue HP Race Power Kit (setup of tire radii + DTC functions partially only activated for "SLICK" mode)