Option Power Plus for S1000R, S1000XR


Position-Nr. BM.S1.B.5P.+
Title Option Power Plus for S1000R, S1000XR
Your Advantages
  • Maximum power and torque without engine modifications
  • Required conversions are not visible from the outside
  • Significantly extended engine speed range enables shorter secondary transmission ratio
Available for model, modelyear Show vehicle types
  • BMW S1000R (K47), MJ 2014-16, BMS-X ECU
  • BMW S1000R (K47MÜ), MJ 2017-2020, BMS-MP ECU
  • BMW S1000XR (K49), MJ 2015-16, BMS-X ECU
  • BMW S1000XR (K49MÜ), MJ 2017+, BMS-MP ECU
  • BMW S1000R (K63), MJ 2021+, BMS-O ECU
  • BMW S1000XR (K69), MJ 2020+, BMS-O ECU
Price (DE/EU 19% VAT) 199€ !only in combination with mapping!
Price (nonEU 0% VAT) 167,23€ !only in combination with mapping!

Detailed description

Injection & Ignition (Option Power Plus)

  • Optimised torque curve for sports exhaust systems and fuel >= 98 RON
    In "S" series variant" for series exhaust system, standard fuel possible, >=95 RON recommended
  • Smoother throttle response and power delivery due to full part load optimization
  • Depending on the bike (hardware) power increase up to 12HP possible
  • Depending on the bike (hardware) torque increase up to 12Nm possible

Example PST-diagrams (measured values at the bike) with sport exhaust systems: S1000R 2017
Example PST-diagrams (measured values at the bike) with series exhaust systems: S1000R 2014 / S1000XR 2019 / S1000XR 2020 / S1000R 2022

Engine speed limiter (Power Mapping Plus)

  • Significant increase in maximum engine speed to 13,000 rpm increases elasticity and enables shorter secondary transmission ratios for more accelaration out of the corners
  • Programming of a soft rev limiter via defined cylinder surpression avoid chassis nervousness when maximum rpm is reached

Conversion accessories (Power Mapping Plus)

  • Adapter cable velocity stacks servo incl. installation instructions: will be delivered by us as well
  • Intake silencer (airbox): all information about sources of supply and possibilities will be provided by us within the scope of an offer
  • The conversion is suitable for hobby mechanics